Who We Were

Kineo Coffee Station opened on June 21, 2016 on top of Indian Hill, overlooking the southern portion of Moosehead Lake, in Greenville, Maine. Kineo Coffee Station had been a dream of Laurie Muzzy’s for years. The dream was to have delicious coffee, homemade from scratch baked goodies, and a comfortable atmosphere for family, friends and those “from away” to gather. 


Located across the street from the current Farmhouse Cafe, Kineo Coffee Station began in a building whose history goes back to 1994, when it was built as a McDonald’s. Though McDonald’s moved on after a couple of years, the building remained. It had a few occupants that outgrew the space, making way for Greenville's first dedicated coffee shop.


The renovations to create Greenville’s own coffee shop included a complete makeover inside featuring warm, dark stained wood walls, a five foot bakery display case, a full water filtration system to provide the purest coffee taste and a baker’s kitchen which allows for our creativity only to be limited by time.


Check out our menu for scones, muffins, cookies and whoopie pies. Our sandwiches are made on the panani press which melts cheese of your choice over layers of meats and veggies, while toasting the bread not unlike a grilled sandwich. Of course, our extensive offerings in the coffee realm are a joy to take in as well.


As we evolve, follow us on facebook, yelp and Instagram. We appreciate your involvement with our success by reviewing us, commenting and sharing your experience.

With noticeable renovations happening as the coffee shop took shape, Kineo Co. Please, take a moment to browse through our photo album to locate a few pictures of McDonalds.